… If you think you’re a piece of a puzzle that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, that there is no place where you could feel normal, a place for you to be yourself. If you think you’re too small to make a difference or that you’re not worthy of good people and good things happening to you. Then this a place for you where you could feel comfy and warm, where your voice would be heard, where you could feel understood. I wanna welcome you into my house, feel free to walk in every room of the house, you’re my guest and I would love if you would want to visit anytime you feel like visiting. I’ll always have tea and cookies. But I would have some expectations.

    Every now and then you’ll have to smile and greet other guests, be respectful to everyone, including the host. I would want for you to keep an open mind and accept things you would discover for what they are. We’re all unique, given that expect to read, listen to and see things you’ve never read, listened to or saw before. Lastly I wanna thank you for your visit, if you’re a kind, warm, respectful, giving, generous, empathetic, [..] or simply awesome feel free to visit anytime, I will always answer to your door call.

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