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I am an observer by nature. I look at the world with my eyes wide open. I analyze. I take the pulse of things. I feel them.  I breathe them in. I take time to understand so I could make better judgements. Above all I value awareness, awareness of my surroundings, awareness of my knowledge, awareness of my limits. I value education, I value information, I value intelligence. In a world of chaos and pure madness I take refuge in my inner peace and solitude distancing myself from the ugliness and hate that many of us are dwelling in.

With every minute of every hour I make a conscious choice to see the beautiful things in this world: a laughing child, a loving mother, a happy father, a playful dog, a purring cat, a magnificent butterfly, breathtaking architecture, cutting edge technological advancements, new medical discoveries, cancer cures and countless other things from all the corners of this earth.

I value my time way too much to drown myself in ugliness and hate, in disrespect and aggressiveness, in bullying and abuse. I want none of it. I won’t be a part of it. I may fall victim of it but I will not perpetuate it, it stops with me. I wanna feel free, I wanna break free of the malice that’s creeping on us on every corner. Before I act I think of consequences, I take measurements of sorts, I wanna have a certain impact, not too small yet not too big, just the right amount. I think of everyone involved, I think of how it may impact them, if it’s worth it. I am cautious, I am careful. I am not alone in this world therefore I cannot act as if I am the only one. I am free but my freedom ends where the freedom of others begins. We can have everything we want without taking it from anyone else. We can have so much of certain things that we could share it with our family, friends or even random strangers. An act of kindness goes a long way, someday it may make its own way back to us.

No man is an island, we all need someone sometimes, we wanna be loved, we wanna be known, we wanna be understood, we wanna be seen. Some of us are luckier than others, yet some of us are not. Some are less fortunate and therefore choose to lash it all out,  they let their frustrations and pain on innocent people instead of asking for help. They choose to spread their misery around instead of rising above, try to be better than the ones they’ve been hurt by. If only they would be aware of how powerful words can be, if only they would know how far their reach is, if they knew, they would be far more careful. No one deserves to be told to go kill themselves, no one deserve to be told that they’re worthless, they don’t deserve to pay a heavy price for a stupid thing that they have done. Things that should be taken seriously are taken lightly, and what should be taken lightly is blown way out of proportion.

Recently I read a story in the media about an activist that started a #CancelColbert hashtag and how that impacted her life afterwards. I was shocked to see how far people have went with it, it made me think of where do people choose to draw the line on what is acceptable and what is no longer tolerated. It made me think that no environment is safe enough to express your thoughts, no matter how silly some might be. Some people can no longer make the difference between triviality and seriousness. Some things should be taken into account, debated and acted on but some should be take lightly and soon to be forgotten. But have we forgotten how to differentiate between the two of them? Have we got no rationality, no instincts, no priorities? Have we forgotten that behind those twitter accounts or facebook profiles are actual people we know nothing about? We don’t know where they’re coming from or what they’ve gone through yet we’re eager to obliterate their entire existence over some imaginary threat to certain things we may take into liking. And yes, I’m still referring to that twitter hashtag that had Suey Park’s life destroyed for many years to come. Her life will never be the same again, no promenades, no casual coffee at Starbucks without looking over her shoulder to see if anyone is stalking her or taking pictures of her, no walking alone on the street at a later time without fearing to be beaten to death.

We make mistakes, we’re human. Some of us learn faster than others, some of us grow up faster, some of us have it tougher. But there are some who need our help to understand things they couldn’t understand before, they’ll try break through and stumble over things along the process. They might come across as close minded, disrespectful, intolerant, hateful, righteous among many but to answer them with the same is not only wrong it doesn’t make us any better. For us to answer them with the same treatment would mean  stooping down to their level instead of giving them a hand and bring them among us. We shouldn’t respond to hate with hate, to ignorance with more ignorance, you don’t put out a fire with fire. I really think we should value the human life a little bit more and not be so careless. We should be a little more careful and a little more kind with every day. There can’t be too much kindness.

And now I’ll be drawing the line on today’s rhetoric.

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