The Streets Of Cluj-Napoca


The Streets Of Cluj-Napoca

It’s a weird feeling to have, knowing that in less then seven hours my life is about to change forever, every change is irreversible, nothing can be really undone, but what I am about to embark upon could potentially bring the happiness I’ve been longing for my entire life. For once in my life I’m gonna enjoy the journey rather than rushing to the end point. Never have I ever been so close to having my dreams come true. In the very recent past I’ve been proven wrong, I’ve been proven that dreams really do come true. I was fortunate enough to make some right decisions, meet some amazing people and find some amazing places, all intertwining together to form a cocoon inside of which I had time to find my true self. It’s been a scary experience, I am all to well familiar with scary experiences but this one in particular, a experience that has been lasting for the past two years, has been life altering. I’ve never seen things so clear and I’ve never felt so calm. Somehow in time it became easier to breathe, easy enough to see the path that it is for me.

I’ve made plenty mistakes, we all have, and now after time has passed and dust has settled it’s became sort of clear that it was meant to happen this way. If it wasn’t for those mistakes I never would have tried again and end up in one of the most beautiful cities of Transylvania, a breathtakingly stunning Romanian region known for beautiful sceneries of Carpathian mountains and rich history, also a region that we all remotely heard off from Hollywood movies depicting the origins of Dracula. The city that has won my heart and soul and that will always carry a special meaning to me is the vibrant Cluj-Napoca, placed in the heart of Transylvania, spreads out from a 14th century church built in the honor of a prolific religious figure Archangel Michael, a beautiful Gothic architectural marvel that attracts countless tourists from all over the world every single year.

The moment I stepped into this city a new chapter had began for me. I’ve opened up about myself in ways I never could before, I finally found the puzzle pieces that have been missing for so long. Things began making more sense. I guess sometimes we need a change of scenery to get a whole new perspective on what it’s most important to us and this has been an experience with high and lows and at these very moments, enjoying beautiful oriental music in an eclectic Cluj-Napoca teahouse famous for its aromatic and relaxing teas I am choosing the see the good side of it all.

The clock is ticking and it won’t be long till I rush to airport and have a one way ticket to happiness. It won’t be easy but I’m not scared. At this point being scared is just a waste of time, stealing focus from enjoying the good and the bad as it comes. Someone said that life is full of surprise, good ones and some less then good but I’ve never more ready, it’s just time, time to profit on what life has to offer. I’ll never forget where it all began, it’s a story worth telling, a story that anyone who reads it can tailor their journey and have the life they’ve always wanted. If it can happen for me, maybe it happen to the ones who need it too. For once in my life I consider myself fortunate, maybe, and I’m saying maybe, sometimes if you really wish for things and give it a try good things could happen and we could become happier than we ever were and spread some happiness around and bring some light in a world that is dark at times and difficult to live in.

I’m gonna miss this city, Cluj-Napoca. Never have I ever felt so sad leaving a city that has given me everything I needed to become happy and reach the place I’ve always longed to be at. Cluj-Napoca became like a parent figure to me, it nurtured me, carried me to sleep, comforted me, was always there for me, a beautiful sight for my eyes and honey for my ever hurting soul, it was the medicine I never knew I needed. I will be back and every now and then we’ll enjoy each other’s company and reminisce the times we were together. Thank you for changing my life.

It’s time to fly away. Stay well and wait for me to come back.

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