United States of America: First Impressions (Photos) / Q&A

It’s been a long time coming but now I’m finally here, the place I’ve dreamed for years to reach is right before me, a beautiful sight for my sore eyes, soothing sounds for my ears, clean mountain air for my lungs, cool breeze for my skin. The minute I stepped off the plane I traveled back to the times when I was a child eager to learn and study every single little thing until it made sense, a time when everything and everyone made a deep impression to a yet developing brain when learning was easy and almost effortless, a time when if I would blink I’d miss what is most important and vital. You would assume that since yet another big dream saw the light of day I would be more excited and less afraid, I’m still afraid but the mix is more diverse now, fear doesn’t get a hold for most of me anymore. Happiness, joy, pride, optimism, relief, acceptance now get to join the table as well.

Flying Delta Airlines from London to Los Angeles

Flying Delta Airlines from London to Los Angeles

This is a once in a lifetime experience for me so every moment carries a special meaning, what seemed impossible five years ago now suddenly became possible and all the suffering, pain and anguish don’t count anymore, they’re a matter of the past. It’s been a long road, for the most of it a lonely road, decisions were taken in agony and utter panic when all I had were my mixed emotions and half-baked rationalizations. Someone told me that there were the times when I was just dreaming to be here in the states, and now I’m here, that I did it and that I should feel proud of myself and I think I am very much proud. I’ve hit rock bottom, many times for that matter but I guess this is the highest I’ve ever risen and that’s an accomplishment you cannot put a price on. Sometimes I think I’m strong enough to handle many things, other times I feel the weight of the entire world crushing me but for some time now I’ve been blessed with a sense of calm I’ve never felt before. I guess there is more to life than I’ve ever imagined before. For those who think life is boring, what I went through and still going through is the living proof that life is anything but boring.

Streets of LA

Streets of LA

Traveling six thousands miles you can’t help but experience a whole new world with a diversity that could easily make your brain short circuit. You’ve done your homework, you’ve studies the courses, you’ve passed the exams and now with a swift kick in the butt you must step out there and live the real life first hand. For the first two weeks I’ve been here I’ve met different people, different personalities, different characters, new quirks, new eccentricities, happier people on some places, more disturbed in others, in other words I learned new limits to the human existence. I can’t possibly generalize and make a definitive conclusion about a country that spreads across fifty states but in the place I am in now people have an impressive (to me) acceptance to diversity and a more relaxed approach towards life, they’ll treat you with respect, perhaps more than you would get in any other corner of the world. Starting a new job will be difficult but depending on the job, I guess, colleagues will reach out and help you to adapt and learn new things, will allow you to make mistakes and learn from them. They’ll praise you for doing a good job and give you feedback so you could improve. It’s challenging but after almost two weeks on the job it gets easier, it’s the grown up thing to do, have a steady job that pays. But given I’m a student on a work and travel visa the hourly wage is slightly above the state minimum wage. But I’m not complaining. So far it’s been a fun ride, it feels like a clean slate which was long desired. I’ve embarked on a reinventing journey for quite some time, being here, meeting new people adds just the pieces of the puzzle that I’ve been looking for.

PIC_2787There are so many stories I have yet to tell but for today I’m drawing the line here. More to come:

  • First transatlantic flight
  • My days in London before departing for US
  • First days on the job (assistant to the chef at The Lodge, Truckee, California)
  • First ever bike and learning to ride it
  • Living on a city where millionaires come to spend their fortunes – Truckee, California

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them.

  • Fabiola of Mexico

    Good luck with your new life, I wish you all the best! I also enjoy reading your posts so much that I have nominated you for the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award! Check out my post for the details

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