What Happened To The Old Fashioned Blogging?

no-matter-what-people-tell-you-words-and-ideas-can-change-the-worldA very impressionable young boy at a very young age has learned that in order to change the world change should start withing himself. Later in life he would come to the conclusion that he should never settle for being ordinary and that he will never settle for what life has offered, that he will fight for more, that he will succeed or at least will die trying. From the very simple premise that words and ideas an ideas can change the world he decided to try just that and find his own voice in every medium possible, among family members, among his own friends and classmates, among people he would meet as he walked through life; at home, at school, in college, at work, in parks, restaurants, beaches or anywhere else he would feel comfortable speaking up. He found it difficult as he was a little insecure and shy, always on guard for himself against the malice and spite of the people around him. He always had values and morals, deep respect and utmost care for people near and dear to his heart even though it hurt him in the end. Even to this day he keeps believing that he can change lives and hopes that that part of him will never change or cease to exist.

That boy is me.

As I was plotting yet another return to blogging I was wondering about the changes that blogging has suffered throughout the last decades. A little over twenty years ago (mid 90s) the blogs that we know and love today initially took the shape of online diaries or journals, their editors were called diarists, journalers or even journalists. Through online diaries any person from any corner of the world was able to share his thoughts, feelings, ideas, struggles, frustrations, inspiration through text, images, audio or video materials thus solidifying the beginning of a concept known today as the new social media. Publishing tools became available to more and more people, their evolution made it possible for anyone with a basic set of technical skills to become content creators.

In this ever changing world the freedom of speech is not just a right, it’s also a responsibility and a duty. Personal diaries have metamorphosed into personal blogs due to a wider range of topics reaching further into the minds of people everywhere. Ever since their inceptions in a continuous evolution blogs have been known to start and encourage conversations thus making us think, contemplate, observe, question, consider, doubt and ultimately make changes.

With every second passing a new blog is being created, more information is being made available to an ever growing public though a rather large portion of the existing blogs today lack structure, visuals, content and quality. A severe lack of blogging networks has made its mark thus demotivating bloggers to give preference to quality over quantity, they tend to have severe struggles over finding their niche and target audience, me including to be completely honesty. Instead of creating a blog, many of us joined social networks and micro-blogging websites such as twitter where in a matter of seconds we can share our deepest thoughts (for some of us) and almost immediately get feedback thus forgoing the idea of creating quality and potential conversation starting ever lasting content.

Even if I created my blog rather late I have caught a glimpse of what blogs used to represent, they were more personal, more genuine, rather broad and more inclusive. Nowadays I find it rather difficult finding content from unique creators who have their own blogs with whom I could interact and establish a rather personal connection. Having your own blog is a sign of individuality but as one of my college professors has said we’re loosing our individuality to conformity and a broader society. It feels like we’re loosing ourselves into the crowds, feels like we’re loosing our abilities to speak up when to this day still we have so much to work on and blogs could be such powerful and far reaching instruments into changing human mentalities for a better future for everybody.

Is it possible that I am the only one who feels like this? Is it possible that the tools and networks have been out there all along and I have been to ignorant and scared to find them? Or what can we do to encourage a rather broad and meaningful content creation?

  • Booferson J McGrugen

    I agree with you about most people settling for conformity. I mentioned in my initial blog pot ( that my reason for starting a blog was that my views are usually outside the norm. My own blog slides from diary-like posts to post about my inner thoughts on politics, tv, movies, sports, and life. I hope you have a moment to read a few of my posts, and hopefully you find them unique and interesting enough that it shocks you out of this fear of people loosing their identities.

    A minor note about your blog, the pop-up window to share your post works on the desktop, but on mobile it completely covers up the post. Some might find it frustrating and leave without reading. Just my opinion…

    • Gabriel DiLaurentis

      Thank you for stopping and sorry for replying so late. I actually have read a couple of your posts, will have to re-read some of them, especially the one about internet memes, some of the things you said were a little confusing to me. Although what those were, I will leave a comment on your blog 🙂

      And I love your diversity in topics. Lately I’ve been researching about blogging in many areas, including design, tools, blogging communities, came to some conclusions but I’m trying to promote the idea of creating self hosted blogs therefore not being a subject to and limitations. My blog is self-hosted, it runs a premium theme and premium plugins. I invested some money and lots of time. Perhaps you should consider going independent too. it would offer more freedom and if done right more interaction with your readers.

  • Fabiola of Mexico

    I understand what you say about publishing tools being made available to everybody. It is true nowadays anyone can share their innermost -and most trivial- thoughts in places like Twitter and Facebook, but that sort of content is fleeting and easily forgotten. To be honest, I’ve never felt social media satisfies my need to create my own voice, that’s what blogs are for. Posting on Twitter, for example, makes me feel like I’m shouting in the middle of a crowd. Blogs have a different, more intimate feel to them.
    I also think that there are still many individuals out there that are not conforming, or maybe there’s only just a few, but I believe there’s enough of them to change the world. Like you, I am also an idealist -you sound like you are- and I am convinced my words can somehow change at least a tiny part of the world. At least I hope they can.

    • Gabriel DiLaurentis

      Having a blog of my own feels like having my own home, it feels warm, comfy and safe. And yeah, you couldn’t be more right about tweeting, it indeed feels like shouting in the middle of the crowd, there is just too many people tweeting way too much about every insignificant thing. Being a conformist is not a bad thing, it’s appropriate in certain things, certain areas, certain times but I think non-conformism is what separates us from the crowd, I don’t wanna blend it, I want, in a very unique way to stand out.

      And I’m glad you’re an idealist too, that sort of made me smile. Words and idea can change the world, or as you said a tiny part of it, I’ve done it, I’ve seen others do it, so as long as that possible I will do my best to do just that, change and not just change but change it for the better. Thank you so much for stopping by. My hard work now feels appreciated, ’cause as I’ve said, writing doesn’t come easy to me, too chaotic and too all over the place and you taking the time to write a heartfelt comment means more than you could imagine. Thank you.

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